I fixed the problems! It seemed that I needed to update Cutorch, and in order to do that, I had to update CUDA, and in the process I inadvertently uninstalled my graphics drivers. What an adventure. To celebrate, I’ve been training char-rnn on a database of question/answer jokes scraped from reddit. Still early in training, but here are some highlights so far.

DISCLAIMER: The jokes the network produced are not representative of my opinions. The source data came from scraping a subreddit and it shows. The network is… a little offensive sometimes.

Low temperature:

What do you call a man who can’t even live? A star track.

What do you call a group of banana that can’t stand a lot of leaves? An angry banana.

Why do mathematicians have to go to the other to talk to the bar? Because they can go stop the political and store they go to the bar.

What do you call a prostitute with no legs? A pilot of the bar.

What do you call a group of children who goes to a chicken star? A sandwich.

What do you call a chicken that starts a basketball team? A star bang.

What do you call a prostitute that can’t even live? A star to the chimney.

What do you call a black man who has a bar and a redneck in the world?,A person that has a great salad.

For some reason it really likes the answer “A star” and “A pilot” and including prostitutes in the questions.

Raising the temperature a bit, we see:

What do you call a porn star that doesn’t wark? A pencil

What do you call an alligator with no legs? A space mate.

What do you call a prostitute who is going to be a computer? A pot battery

What do you call a group of baby that doesn’t have a bar? Lettuce

Did you hear about the person who got a few bar stars? He had a horse with the shopping story.

There were also a few that started to get a bit lewd, which I guess says something about the data source. Let’s keep cranking up the heat!

What’s the difference between a terrorist and a chickpea? Errrrrrrrrly marks out of a stranded college.

What do you get when you put an elephant in a car? The holly-convention

What do you get when black girls want to pee? 1st light.

Okay, what the hell, jokebot. That got bad fast. And it doesn’t get much better:

What do you call a midget in a prostitute? A cross character.

What do you call an Indian snake fighting his brother? A HAR GUUR NELLAR!

What does a porn star say to a Jewish bank?,Hello Game of a toilet Life.

Did you hear about the cock-worker who was in the statistic on the stool?,He had a man from the weather.


For science, let’s crank the temperature all the way up.

How do you react a hippie? An angry salad.

What is the sound of irony? Osian.

What’s the difference between a Day and a gas bill? Thought in the oven.

Why can’t the chicken take a deud at the main crag countant? At the swseek.

What did the doctor say to the mathematician? Fuck mississippy!

What’s the difference between an alcoholic and a baby? With a portuplage binguins, they’re both tattooed.

Did you know about Pokemon massacre Tunnels? His son makes a tight in the Olympics teaches.

Why doesn’t Usian greet a pothead? He’s always stopped up bunched!

Why won’t Michelle coop continue?,Because a punched people in pedophiles.

This is actually better… just because they make less sense. It clearly has a really twisted sense of humor though. Pokemon massacre Tunnels? WHAT?

This seems to be a pretty clear example of why data is important. I expected most of the jokes to be clean with a few bad ones, but it seems to be the other way around. I’ll keep training to see what happens, mostly because I’m curious.

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