Double Jeopardy

Because I was gone for most of the weekend, (and because I didn’t want that awful jokebot being the first thing people see of this blog) I retrained the jeopardy network to some amusing results. Take a gander:

THE SPORTING LIFE,$400,’The first of these in the U.S. was the first to control the state of Maryland’,a statue of Martin Luther King, Jr.

THE OLD WEST,$800,’This country is the only one of the world’s largest countries’,Chile

THE BIBLE,$400,’This composer of the 1999 film The Sound of Music was a star of the 1995 film The Sound of Music’,John Steinbeck

THE SOUTHERN DANDY,$400,’The name of this country is a synonym for a state of a country’,South Africa

John Steinbeck composed and starred in a 1999 remake of The Sound of Music, apparently. Also a statue of MLK Jr. took over Maryland, and Chile is bigger than I previously thought. The more you know! Increasing the temperature a bit:

A WORLD OF BEER,$400,’The first of these in the U.S. was a company in 1999′,a balloon

THE CARIBBEAN,$400,’The sea is the capital of this country’,Chile

THE FIFTH,$400,’The name of this body part is from the Latin for to strain into a string’,a contract

THE STORY OF O,$400,’This country is the second largest city in the world’,Martinique

BEAR SCREEN,$200,’This author of The Secret Garden was based on a 1989 film about a stripper who was a little boy’,James Bond

FICTIONAL DETECTIVES,$1000,’This 1954 film is set in the 1997 film seen here’,The Man Who Shot The Rainier

ART & ARTISTS,$1000,’This Southern country was a colony of the New York City Company in 1968 & is now a capital city’,Berkeley

The network continues to fail at geography. In addition to being the largest country in the world, the capital of Chile is the sea. Also, some of Jame’s Bond’s sordid origins and a 1950’s sci-fi detective film, The Man Who Shot The Rainier, which I kind of want to watch. Stepping up the temperature some more, we learn about American history:

THE CIVIL WAR,$600,’In 1990 the Confederacy allowed this country to the U.S. Constitution’,South Africa

THE 1980s,$400,’This son of a president was a senator from 1948 to 1972′,James Buchanan

THE CIVIL WAR,$800,’This secretary of the American Idol was buried in the first festival of the State Department’,Harry Truman

BOOKS OF THE ’60s,$400,’This Seattle children’s team was based on a 1986 movie based on a series of books’,Stevie Wonder

COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES,$1000,’On April 1, 1998 this country became the first black president to control the U.S. Army’,Japan

BIBLICAL PEOPLE,$400,’This man who resigned as a lawyer in 1994 was the first female president of the Confederacy’,John Adams

THE 1980s,$300,’This man who died in 1978 was a president of the Senate from 1934 to 1990′,Benjamin Franklin

THE NEW YORK TIMES TECH BIZ,$300,’This country’s 1969 exploits were completed in 1936′,Australia

STATE CAPITALS,$1000,’This capital city was founded in 1939 by the El Capitan of New York City’,Columbus

Okay, I snuck some Australian time travel in there. I also got this absolute gem:

THE FIFTH,$400,’This president was the first president to serve as president’,John F. Kennedy

Let’s keep this going:

WORLD CAPITALS,$1000,’The company that contains the largest island in the U.S.’,Canada

THE END,$1000,’It’s the body of water in the Confederacy that shares its name with a former capital’,Barcelona

STATE CAPITALS,$200,’The name of this capital city is a 2-word name for a pope’,Beijing

THE ASTRONAUT HALL OF FAME,$200,’In 1969 he was called the last world championship to win the major series title’,Alexander Hamilton

FAMOUS COLLEGE DROPOUTS,$200,’In 1998 this president was a commander of the Confederate Army’,Adolf Hitler

THE OLD WEST,$200,’In 1991 this American became the first woman to be a consul on the Moon’,Britney Spears

THE SOUTH PACIFIC,$400,’It’s the only country that makes it to the Atlantic Ocean’,Australia

WOMEN AUTHORS,$400,’In 1987 this TV heroine was a spin for the No. 1 hit Heart of Darkness’,John Paul Jones

THE ELEMENTS,$400,’This compound is a major work of the subatomic particle that makes surreal & trick’,a sodict

Godwin’s law invoked! Also, it invented a subatomic particle. Canada is a US-based company, and Britney Spears is a consul on the moon. Things started to get a bit more dadaist from here:

MADE ON CHARACTER!,$2000,’An American author of The House of War, her first novel, The Man Who Loved Me Done, debuted in 1960′,Dennis Hopper

DO YOU BETTER A FACE!,$200,’This term for a condition is from the Latin for indeed’,a white broccoli

THE STATE OF CLASS,$200,’From 1935 to 1996, these U.S. planets abbreviated the Baltimore Order’,the California Signs

BIBLICAL WOMEN,$200,’In the 1996 film poem The Spy Who Does Will Ast Will Believe He in this play retrudes a bad baby back out with his own daughter’,The Sound of Music

YOUR 5-CLUE NEWSCAST,$2000,’This bridge is the southernmost point of the South Pole’,the River State

WOMEN BY THE NUMBERS,$800,’He was good man when he was more famous for his song’,Martin

MIRROW MOVIES BY CHARACTER,$2000,’Jin-Aak,<br />Calamity,<br />the Balthamar’,The Round Table

A IN SCIENCE,$400,’A specialty of this mammal is retracted with plastic pouch & are sacred at its surface to get a beautiful species of bird or brown’,a narwhal

And so on. I do like “jin-Aak, Calamity, the Balthamar.” That’s just a really cool set of titles. Also, The Man Who Loved Me Done sounds like a really solid bodice-ripper and The Spy Who Does Will Ast Will Believe He, the “film poem” sounds adorably artsy. Let’s keep this ball rolling, if only to see where it stops (or what it runs over):

WEBSTER’S 2005 TOP WORK,$1600,’The lady called the Village of Birmingham’,Ler Desser

AUTHORS’ RHYME TIME,$1000,’Steven Smith’s chiffons: ___ Impressionism’,Deslating

THAT’S SO LAW,$2000,’This kind of punch is a thin plant to nose in a camp or a certain man’,a smash

7-LETTER WORDS,$2000,’Wyatt Carlon founded Castro, Lincoln Battle Device & this shrimp group’,a night print

BE A FIREFIGHTING,$1200,’This brand of small color is also called members’,crhatobula

Okay, at this point, the questions are a bit silly, but the categories become excellent:












And more. Just for fun, I took it up one more step:

OKLAHOMA!,$200,’Mark Twain debuted on Marvin Gabbary for this brand maker whose name includes his way to start’,Yellow Submarine

BROADWAY MUSICALS,$800,’Yes to Bag McKorw trades a book for this entertainment chase as a knight in Gilbert & Sullivan’s tokespaces’,Elle Fragg

LITERally ELEMENTS,$200,'(<a href= target=_blank>Cheryl delivers the clue from the set of Halloween.</a>) Some people wourd appeal on Inuit inside the <a href= target=_blank>this</a> important reasonable edge- into the train, in Pennsylvania’,the Elke continent

B IN FASHION,$1000,’It’s the depth at <a href= target=_blank>Edward J. Deimos’,Body is American Miss Vinnegas

ICK BIN APPLE,$1,700,’Together Bubble Down is the first earl’s only one’,the T.Orvertine

FAMILIAR PHRASES,$1600,’The straws of <a href= target=_blank>this</a> lair found in the Smithsonian’,Herudge

20th CENTURY FASHION,$1600,'(<a href= target=_blank>Kelly of the Clue Crew gives the clue from Iran in New York.</a>) Oliver stands for floppares for one of these; John Infords chose to fame for one title play’,154

GONE BUT NOT,$1600,'(<a href= target=_blank>Alex reports from a cape at ’34.</a>) Along with a river on New York’s capital holiday, this capital of Luxor lacks cheese & vegetables planted by both Talmania & Haiti’,Trenton

DUSTIN COUNTRY HEIR STORIES,$2000,’Weird TV’s Whale’,Paddhe

OF DROPOVERS,$200,’Whatzer made the offland symphony did this oney; as Greek & Spider restored, he might wake <a href= target=_blank>Emerson Clinton Treola</a> is testing the screens like Jewel to distinguish its world & kidnapped line’,Bulfinchav

To my surprise, a new behavior emerged- the network produces fully formed, syntactically-correct hyperlinks to images stored in the jeopardy archive website. This wasn’t present in any of the previous temperature level, and the accuracy of these hyperlinks is somewhat astounding. Though I’m fairly sure none of the targets actually exist- I saved 100kb of output as html and all of the links gave a 404, which was disappointing. In theory, eventually it might produce a real link but it would probably take a while.

This makes me want to return to something I tried a while ago, namely training on random files from the ubuntu source, but that’ll have to wait until after my current big project, which I can only say is a cool computer vision thing.

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